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Hot off the press

"Rise of the Forsaken"

 Is this month's featured short story project.  Part of the Soul Bullet Presents Series. 

A sixteen page short story introducing a host of new character creations with illustrations from some amazing artist. 

Be sure and check out our blog post for updates, a written script page or two and our social media sites for more character and story information. 

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Elementary of Midnight introduces Elizabeth Sneed, a young college student who receives a dire message and mysterious package from her father to return home without hast. Elizabeth comes to realize she's not the only interested party wanting the contents of the package. 

Elementary of Midnight ties into the Sons of Darkness Series with the appearance of Vampire Lord Thornton Redgrave III's legions of the undead. 

We also get to reference two new characters for our next short story in this series featuring the world's greatest detective "Knightfall and Sneed"   

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