About Me

My Work


Marcus Currie is the writer/creator of the Sons of Darkness series and owner of Soul Bullet Entertainment.

Marcus co-wrote and created his first comic book and character in the seventh grade. Since that time, he's developed a love for reading and creating characters.

Marcus's mom started him down the road of fantasy and horror as a child, when they watched late-night fantasy and horror movies. Marcus was captivated with Hammer Films, featuring the likes of Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, and many others. 

Marcus recently rescued a small kitty which he named Magnum, after his vampire-hunting character Magnum the Druid Warrior, from the Sons of Darkness series. 

Prior to taking up graphic novel writing and design, Marcus had a long and fruitful career in the hospitality industry, managing several private clubs and hotels throughout Nashville. 

With a love for creating characters and writing stories, Marcus's motto has always been "Dare to dream"

My Community


I love attending Comic Conventions, and making new friends and fans. 

The encouragement and support has been a huge inspiration. 

Join My Journey


Creating characters and writing stories has been a great outlet and source of positive therapy for me.

Three years ago I was stricken with an autoimmune disorder that left me with nerve damage, anxiety, ptsd, and depression. I find creating and writing helps my mind focus on positive areas of my life and brings a sense of joy to my world.    

I find it very helpful to submerge myself in the creating process as it helps to shift my focus away from the negative daily impact of dealing with chronic pain to something truly and soulfully inspiring for me. 

So, as I continue to work more characters and stories into the Soul Bullet universe please stop in and let me know what you think, and say hello.