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White Hawk


Michael Longbow is a Antiquities  Dealer by day and a highflying vigilante by night. The blind mystic archer wages a deadly war on the SOD crime syndicate. 

Whitehawk will be featured in the upcoming short story

"Rise of the Forsaken" 



Not much is currently known about this african goddess, except that she is an extremely powerful being. 

Quelea is worshipped by the native people and feared by international big game hunters and poachers.

The Cloaked Figure


The Cloaked Figure is the general of the SOD. Not much is known about this being other than it might be the most powerful thing on the planet. 

A master strategist and cunning warrior, if you encounter this being..


Black Reign


The underworlds deadliest assassin has never missed her mark!

Armed with her two Colt 45's and  demonic soul bullets, if your lined up in her sites,

Turn out the lights!

Black Reign will be making her full first appearance in  SOD IV. 

Production for our first action statue 

featuring Black Reign is underway. 

We hope to have the prototype in

January 2020



Bethel Dane was born with

multiple sclerosis. Her young life was filled with doctor visits and braces for her back and legs.

.However, that all changed the day she encountered a meteorite that landed in the fields close to where she was playing. 

After touching the radiated rock from space, Bethel began to show some very amazing abilities. 

Dream Weaver


Darren Wright is a passionate veterinarian surgeon and among the best anywhere. 

Her primary practice resides in Australia, where she calls the outback home.  

Darren is also the young and newly named Sorceress Supreme in the Soul Bullet Universe.