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Sons of Darkness Book IV


Grail of Darkness, Book IV is in production with all pencils completed. Coloring and lettering are up next. 

This issue will be a first appearance for several characters, including Midnighter, Black Reign, and Vampire King, Thornton Redgrave III. 

Release date 2020, further details to follow.  

Illustrations by InkSane Studios

Redemptions Winter Short Story


Redemptions Winter, is one of the Soul Bullet Presents Short Stories Graphic Novel Series. 

This story introduces us to the Phantom Knight, an immortal knight residing in present day Russia. With a cameo appearance from the Paladin we discover the two men are long past friends.

If you enjoy Dragon Invasions, Knights, Cy-57 jets, aged Sherry, Quantum Black Hole Theory, you may want to stick around for this one. 

Illustrations by Alexandre Caron

Elementary of Midnight


Elementary of Midnight is another short story for the Soul Bullet Presents Graphic Novel Series. 

Elizabeth Sneed is our main character in this chilling tale. 

Elizabeth, while away at college receives an urgent message and mysterious package from her father with instructions to return home and not to trust anyone!

However, the package has caught the eye of someone or something else. 

If you enjoy suspense, vampires, and more vampires this short story just may be what you are looking for.

Illustrations by Hindy

Rise of the Forsaken


Rise of the Forsaken introduces us to five new characters of the Soul Bullet Universe. 

With White Hawk shutting down the Sons of Darknesses crime syndicate operations all over the world the bosses call in General Seth for a little help. 

They recieve it in the form of ancient mystical weapons and artifacts that transforms these mob bosses into weapons of destruction, with enough power to take on the vigilante

 White Hawk.

Currently in script stage with illustrations to start next month.

This will be a sixteen page blockbuster story. 

A Visit From Heaven


The continued story of my own spiritual journey, and the request answered from my sweet mom after her passing. 

There is such an amazing journey after we leave this world. If you could witness it here and now our world would change in the blink of an eye. 

Creation is oneness and I was given the gift to witness it. 

Currently being structured for upcoming memoir. 


Praying for a Miracle


This is the continued story of my own spiritual journey, and my sister fighting for her life after a devastating heart attack left her at death's door. 

The power of positive healing energy and prayer go hand in hand.

Come witness a true miracle, and how the power of prayer and intentional healing through the divine source saved my sisters life.   

Currently being structured for upcoming memoir.